You’ve heard of convergence? Well, it’s here. And we’re ready.

Choice cuts.

Why - Hi-Def music video ©TVP Records

Vintage instruments. Digital technology. Award-winning composers and decades of recording experience.

The right tools for the job.

Make sure you’re prepared for the new age of digital media - online, on-demand, all the time. We can make your productions future-proof.

We have in-house composers and also maintain close relationships with independent producers, singers and musicians who excel at  classic and contemporary styles and beats.

Our company maintains a first-rate selection of cutting-edge technology to allow high-quality work with tight budgets. With flexible scaling, we can build upon this framework to meet the most stringent demands of sight and sound.  Consult with us and we can figure out the most cost-effective route to complete your project - whether it’s ultimately intended for the web, television, the theater or your own specific niche.