The best actors: June Squibb, Brad Bellamy, and David Steinberg putting character into Character Assassins

Shutting down a Queens  street to shoot a riot in 2005

Location shooting in Harlem for 43 Days

Above the Line: Producers, Directors, Cast and Crew.

Whether your project requires 35mm, 4K or 3D, we can put together the appropriate crew to meet your needs and your budget. Our directors and cinematographers are top-notch: contact us and we’ll be happy to send a demo reel that proves it.

No Script? No Problem.

Outpost 7 boasts writers who have written for network television, public broadcasting, and other television spots as well as for screen, theater, and awards presentations. And Outpost 7 has experience building ground-up short form narrative films for non-profits.

“I...have chosen In My Country...there’s real passion in the guy’s performance.”

--Seth Stevenson, Slate Magazine

"To have an Arabic man call us on Bush's crap so clearly, and ending with such an indelible image, struck me as the most powerful political ad I have seen since The Johnson era ad of the little girl and the daisy...pulling back after that litany of abuses to say, 'My country is the United States of America' is going to be nothing short of a hand grenade going off in the room...see it again, see it often...Many of the ads are exceptional, but this one grabbed me by the crotch and sent shivers down my spine (not good ones, the scared shitless kind)." Voter, 2004

From script to screen:
passion meets perfectionism.

The film, fluidly shot by James Adolphus, remains deeply sensitive to the complexities of a culture whose attachment to monarchy contravenes its best interests.”

-- The New York Times